descriptionRepo for the scripting infrastructure used to construct A3 VM conglomerates.
ownerThe Flux Research Group
last changeTue, 18 Nov 2014 20:32:19 +0000
2014-11-18 Eric EideUpdate copyright years and list of 3rd-party files. master
2014-09-08 Mike HiblerChange default action for an unknown (user-mode) module...
2014-09-08 Mike HiblerTwo more temp hacks so that darkleech will fire from...
2014-09-08 Mike HiblerFor the MIT LL demo scenario, put daemon in the sudoers...
2014-08-29 Mike HiblerAdd rule for MIT LL scenario.
2014-08-29 Mike HiblerPrefer Aaron's special set of binaries if they exist.
2014-08-29 Mike HiblerStart/stop the VMI multiplexor.
2014-08-27 Mike HiblerAssorted fixes for latest MIT appstore based application.
2014-08-26 Mike HiblerSync up with BBNs latest setup (pc446).
2014-08-26 Mike HiblerGet rid of remote-applications directory.
2014-08-26 Mike HiblerFirst attempt to integrate MIT LL demo specfic stuff...
2014-08-26 Mike HiblerNuke the record/back directory.
2014-08-26 Mike HiblerSome updates.
2014-08-20 Mike HiblerNotes on anomalies detected, recovery actions attempted...
2014-08-12 Mike HiblerMake app domain the default for ASM.
2014-08-11 Mike HiblerVersion of rules to use when mysql-proxy is involved.
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