descriptionModified user-mode NFS server for A3 storage crumple zone.
ownerThe Flux Research Group
last changeTue, 18 Nov 2014 20:38:31 +0000
2014-11-18 Eric EideUpdate copyright years. master
2014-02-19 Mike HiblerStop pretending we can do meaningful policy in the...
2014-01-28 Mike HiblerWatch out for null return from fh_decomp in pre-call...
2014-01-15 Mike HiblerDisallow FILE rules with an RE containing '/'.
2013-11-11 Mike HiblerFix handling of ALLOW rules to match expected behavior.
2013-10-15 Mike HiblerRun policy checks as root rather than user of request.
2013-10-15 Mike HiblerRevert pointless optimization from previous commit.
2013-10-15 Mike HiblerInclude matching rule number in violation and WATCH...
2013-10-10 Mike HiblerMore info in violation log message.
2013-10-04 Mike HiblerBe more careful manipulating attributes of symlinks.
2013-10-03 Mike HiblerPropagate vendor branch change to aclocal.m4.
2013-10-03 Mike HiblerOn file/dir/path policy violations, include the violati...
2013-09-16 Mike HiblerMerge one missing update from vendor branch.
2013-09-16 Mike HiblerFix a file descriptor leak.
2013-09-13 Mike HiblerAdd config file syntax for dynamic configuration of...
2013-09-12 Mike HiblerLog the entire path on a path-related violation.
4 years ago master
6 years ago vendor