descriptionThe main development repository for the Utah A3 VMI work.
ownerThe Flux Research Group
last changeThu, 27 Jul 2017 20:40:40 +0000
2017-07-27 David M. JohnsonHold a copy of the kernel module binfile in the module... master
2017-07-27 David M. JohnsonFix bugs (from Richard) in last commit, thanks!
2017-07-26 David M. JohnsonFix module ELF/debuginfo file path search.
2017-03-10 David M. JohnsonUse a pandoc+doxygen+graphviz doc builder image.
2017-03-10 David M. JohnsonChanges to enable Docker-based CI build.
2017-03-01 David M. JohnsonWhoops, unbreak the docs after changes.
2017-03-01 David M. JohnsonFix a couple links.
2017-03-01 David M. JohnsonUgh, gitlab can't grok a symlink.
2017-03-01 David M. JohnsonLink in the online docs; add symlink.
2017-03-01 David M. JohnsonUse Gitlab Pages for the documentation.
2016-08-15 David M. JohnsonWhen getting page prot bits in Linux targets, get arch...
2016-08-04 Eric EideUpdate copyright notice and license.
2016-06-22 David M. JohnsonFix bugs in b7cea9b , ugh.
2016-06-21 David M. JohnsonFix bugs in os_process_read and os_process_write.
2016-06-20 David M. JohnsonFix up gdb/qemu driver to only load status once, effect...
2016-06-20 David M. JohnsonProtect against weird kernel stack backtraces.
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